Google Malaysia site defaced by anonymous prankster

Local Google rep says domain not compromised so proceed not to panic

Google Malaysia's webpage seems to have been tampered with again. In an incident similar to what happened a few years ago where unknown hackers rerouted Google Malaysia visitors to another site, the page was replaced with a missive claiming the site was 'hacked'.

Not again, Google

Google Malaysia rep Zeffri Yusof said that the company was aware of the incident, but insisted the domain had not been in any way compromised. He said that users could have been (again) redirected to a different website. Any associated Google services for the domain, such as those using Google Apps, have not been compromised.

In the meantime, what is Google doing? The company is contacting the organisation managing the domain name in an effort to resolve the issue.

Twitter users have been Tweeting screenshots of the newly-defaced webpage but as of press time, the site is back to normal though Google has yet to clarify or confirm the site's DNS had been rerouted.

[Source: AstroAwani]