Google makes Quickoffice a free download for iOS, Android

So long as you have a smartphone, there's no excuse not to get your work done now the popular office suite app costs you nothing at all

Google just made the day of anyone who needs to open Microsoft Office documents - that's practically everyone with oh, a job, folks. It's decided to give away the normally pricey Quickoffice US$14.99/$19.99 (RM47.44/RM63.26) app for free.

Have some extra 10GB to go

Google Drive in Play store

This move will likely bring the Big G some major brownie points as Quickoffice is one of the most popular apps around, despite its formerly heavy price tag.

To sweeten the deal, sign in on the app before September 26, 2013 and you'll get another 10GB slapped onto your Google Drive storage for the next two years.

If you're one of the unlucky sods who paid good money for Quickoffice there's some bad news. While you may continue to to use your old paid app on iOS, Google recommends you download the new free version as the old iOS version is not fully compatible with iOS 7. For paid version users on iOS and Android, the old app will no longer have access to cloud services after March 31, 2014.

Good news for anyone who bought the app on or after June 17, 2013: you can contact Google and get a free 50GB for your Google Drive.

[Source: Google]