Google Glass will soon support Google Wallet

You could make fund transfers via Glass by just saying 'send money' in the near future
Google Glass will soon support Google Wallet

Google's been busy with the Google Glass updates, adding calendar features and iOS email checking. Now it seems that it will be integrating one service with another by adding Google Wallet payment facilities to its controversial eyewear.

Now it doesn't mean payment facilities are going to be happening just yet - from the buzz that is coming out, the feature will mostly be limited to sending money to other users, not necessarily paying for things. Online shopping via Google Glass does seem like an interesting possibility, though.

Send me your money, says Google

Now the whole conceit of the service is the whole money remitting to another person. PayPal has traditionally been a favoured service for that, though it has scaled back in some countries, such as Malaysia, where you can no longer use it for sending money.

What will happen is that Google Glass will be integrating this with voice, so that a user can tell Glass to "send money" to someone. This is something that Google has integrated for those using Gmail, but only in select countries and the Glass integration is currently only for internal testing at the moment.

As to how it is implemented, what happens is that Glass users sign on to a computer that is registered to Google's corporate network. From that computer, they can then search for and locate Wallet glassware and set it up. Only then can the user send money from Glass, so rest assured that no one is going to steal your Glass, install the Wallet on it, and purloin your bank account without first getting access to a computer.

What does Google get out of this? Well, Google takes a 2.9 percent fee or 30 cents, whichever is higher in the instance.

It might take some persuading for Google Glass to be readily accepted as a means to pay for things when outside, seeing the negative reaction to its public usage with documented cases of people getting attacked for using Glass.

So is Google being the next PayPal a good thing? Considering how many people use Gmail these days, it might be a good idea to start looking into securing your Gmail in case it is used to spend or send money without your authorization.