Google Glass gets its own (pricey) accessory store

Google's specs aren't out yet, but we've already got a glimpse at what goodies you can buy for it on release day
Google Glass gets its own (pricey) accessories store

Google's smart specs aren't out yet, but that hasn't stopped an accessory store from popping up for Glass Explorers to peruse. 

Currently there are only three things listed in the store, and they're not cheap.

The priciest item is a US$75 (RM236) Clear Shield which'll convert Glass into something resembling lab goggles. While it's ideal for people who want to look like a high-tech Walter White, we think it's far too pricey for a piece of shaped plastic.

There are also some mono earbuds which plug into Glass' microUSB port for higher quality audio than the built-in bone conducting speakers, and they'll set Glass Explorers back US$50 (RM157) – the same cost as an extra cable and charger bundle.

There's still no word on when the redesigned Glass units will be available for regular consumers next year, but we'll keep you posted as always.

[via The Verge]