Google Glass gets cheeky update

A wink is all you need to capture a moment and someone’s attention at the same time
Google Glass gets cheeky update

The XE12 update for the intelligent eyewear lets users discreetly take photos just by winking, unless you’re going to be all over-the-top about it.

Purported to be faster than tapping on the camera button or voice operation, the wink-to-capture feature also works when the display is switched off. If you’re worried about taking taking photos by regular blinking, don’t fret, the feature has to be turned on via Settings for it to work.

Think about its possibilities. Google has imagined an idealistic hands-free future in which Glass users might one day be able to wink at a pair of shoes in the shop window and have it shipped over in the right size, or simply wink at a cookbook recipe to draw up instructions right in front of you.

But for now, you will have to settle for the triple threat of claiming bragging rights to being Glass-ed, potentially picking someone up at the bar with a wink and taking their picture at the same time. Score.

The XE12 update also equips Glass with Hangouts support, the ability to upload to YouTube, a lock screen, and readies the iOS app for iPhone fiends.

Source: Google via The Verge, Image: Yahoo