Google Glass driving ticket overturned in US court

One woman got away with wearing Glass behind the wheel – but you might not be so lucky…
Google Glass

The British Government may be hellbent on banning the wearing of Google Glass when driving, but things across the pond are not so cut-and-dried.

A San Diego woman was ticketed by traffic police for driving while wearing Glass (she was also cited for speeding at the same time) but the case was dismissed by a court over lack of evidence: there was no testimony to suggest that her Glass’s screen was actually displaying anything while she was driving.

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DriveSafe for Google Glass

The court commissioner however did note that the State of California does have a ban on the use of monitors while driving and that an active Google Glass does fall within that law’s “purview and intent”.

US state and possibly federal lawmakers are certainly looking carefully at the issue of driving while using Google Glass and other wearables, given that the market looks set to explode, so while this woman may have gotten away with it, future early adopters may not be so lucky.

[Via Engadget