Google Glass brings music to your...eyes?

Trying to convince us of its cool, Google is now adding music-listening features to its controversial eyewear
Google Glass brings music to your...eyes?

Seems the big G can't stop tinkering with Glass as it has now decided to make it more music-listening friendly. A whole boatload of extra features are going to be added today perhaps to make it seem the best companion for your iPod or Google Music-installed device.

Just last month Google patented tech that would let you 'heart' things with your Glass.

Listening, the visual experience

What will happen is that you will see the new command 'Listen to' in addition to the other ready commands. Of course, it is tied to Google's Play service so you can listen to your ready-crafted playlists or see recommendations made on your listening choices. or fire up Sound Search which, like SoundHound or Shazam, identifies songs by 'listening' to a track and searching for it.

Also coming by the end of the month, special headphones for Google Glass. They'll cost you a pretty penny at US$85 (RM271.70), though.

Here's hoping that Google Play won't be the only streaming service available for the device as am pretty sure Spotify, Deezer and other music services would be welcome.

While you decide whether US$1,500 is too much to spend for high-tech goggles, you can watch Stuff's hands-on with the device.

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