Google gets on Destiny train with Planet View

Street View seems passé in comparison with zooming into planets
Google gets on Destiny train with Planet View

Destiny, the game, is dropping this September 9 (as is the iPhone) and with the buzz over the game's recent beta, it looks like there's quite a lot to be excited about. Google's hopped on the Destiny bandwagon by mapping out the  videogame world of Destiny, allowing you to visit with its stellar-looking Destiny Planet View.

It is the first time Google has mapped an in-game map and looking at the results, you wonder just how long Google's been working on it and how it managed to keep the project under wraps until now. But then Google managed to hide its secret drones from us, didn't it?

Fly me to the moon

Google has really put in effort to create an immersive experience, telling you to turn up the volume for maximum enjoyment. You get to explore Mars, Venus, and of course, the moon. No option to visit home, though, as I suppose Google thinks Google Earth covers that just fine.

Clicking on a link beside a planet transports you (complete with swooshy animation) to the planet's surface where you will be taken on a guided tour, complete with narration describing each locale you visit.

The graphics are gorgeous and it is pretty fun looking 360 degrees around each location, with the option to swing the camera view up to the sky for a glimpse of Destiny's heavens.

Google's even managed to insert some gamification in there, letting you keep track of how many locations you've visited, making it a scavenger hunt of sorts to find and click on each location for the fun of it. Like typical tourists on tour, though, you won't be able to explore much on your own, being restricted to the given part though you do get to swing your views around even if you can't actually go to every point you see.

A fun effort indeed which, for one, demonstrates just how far Google has come with mapping locations online. We hope the endeavour continues with other games soon. A 3D map of the world of The Elder Scrolls Online, anyone?

Check out Destiny Planet View, if you're so inclined.

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[Source: Engadget]