Google buys drone-maker. Is this the end of privacy?

After Facebook, Google pushes its own plans for Internet disseminated by air
Google buys drone-maker, abandon all privacy hopes here

After Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook was acquiring drones, are we surprised to find out Google's just finalised plans to acquire drone-maker Titan Aerospace?

Word is that Facebook had wanted Titan initially, but Google beat them to it. Ah, sweet competition.

Titan employees are now working on what Google calls Project Loon, which will build high-altitude balloons to send Internet signals to areas currently without coverage.

Hello, Google's drones see you

Titan claims its drones can stay in the air for up to five years without needing to land or refuel, leading experts to see them as great potential vehicles for mobile Internet dissemination.

Other than that, Titan's drones will also likely assist Google in collecting aerial images. Expect privacy boffins to have a field day with this.

In the meantime, we are reminded again that there's just no escaping Google.

[Source: USA Today]