Google Assistant gets Google Lens integration

Your Google butler is going to be even smarter

Google has announced in a blogpost that Google Assistant is now going to work with Google Lens to make it even smarter. 

Google Lens - which was unveiled in May at Google's I/O developer conference - was previously accessible only via Google Photos, but you'd have to switch apps then use the Lens button. The new way means you can just fire it up within Google Assistant to recognise objects straight away.

You can use the AI-powered Lens to follow links, recognise objects and telephone numbers as well as look up products via bar codes.

Don't forget to update your Assistant first to access this new feature - after you do that, the Google Lens logo will be viewable on the bottom-right of the screen within Google Assistant.

The feature will be rolled out on all Pixel phones in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India and Singapore in the "coming weeks", according to the blogpost.

[Source: Google]