Google any glass(wear) with Sony’s display module

Sony’s smartglass solution can be attached to any eyewear
Google any glass(wear) with Sony’s display module

Sony’s new display module is an attachable device that can turn any pair of eyewear into a smartglass. The device, which is made up of a display arm and secondary arm, weighs just 40 grams in total.

The Japanese company makes it a point to emphasise that it is removable, which we guess is a perk, since not everyone can walk around wearing a Google glass and not feel self-conscious. Plus, it looks somewhat Oakley-ish, and seems to pair well, looks-wise anyway, with sports eyewear.

The Single-Lens display module is equipped with a 0.23in OLED microdisplay with a resolution of 600 x 400 pixels. It boasts a 24-bit colour depth and covers 100% of standard RGB space.

Sony claims that the display is perfectly viewable in both sun and shade, and that the angled view makes it ideal to be a sub-window as it can display critical information without obscuring your view.

Sony’s solution will have an electronic compass, accelerometer, and a touch sensor built-in, and supports N Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v3.0 standards. It also packs an energy-efficient ARM Cortex A7 processor.

Perfect for sports

Google any glass(wear) with Sony’s display module

They’re pitching the solution primarily as a sports-related application, like for cyclists, runners or golfers, and will be exhibiting it as such at CES, but stated also that they envisioned it to be used in work settings as well.

Sony did not mention any partnerships as of yet, so we have to wait and see if anyone picks this up. They’re planning to start production within the coming year, so it’s very likely that we’ll realistically see these in 2016.

[Source: EngadgetSony]