Google announces you can use (almost) any name you want on Google+

You can now sign up for Google+ as He-Man Master of the Universe starting from, wait for it, now
Google announces you can use (almost) any name you want on Google+

In a post this morning, Google has stated they will let users sign up to Google+ under whatever name they wish.

The lifted name restriction was introduced when Google+ first launched to the community, to ensure it's populated with real people. All in the name of keeping bots, spam and extraneous alternate accounts from infecting the social network.

Of course this proved to be rather exclusive as plenty of people had legitimate reasons not to use their real names and could not find a space on Google+.

In what was a Big and Evil Corporate Move, the names policy was never fully justifiable yet fully enforced. Which prompted Google to apologise in this morning’s post for any unnecessarily tedious experiences they’ve made for all Google+ users through this policy.

Don't go all crazy with the names now

Google announces you can use (almost) any name you want on Google+

Previously, Google slowly relaxed these restrictions as they allowed YouTube pages to use their original names for Google+ and letting +Page users choose their names. Starting today, they’ve finally let the spambots.

Will Google+ finally take off as the leading social network? Users will probably feel better off that it isn’t as tainted as Friendster or MySpace was, or more pertinently as Facebook arguably is. Why take away our little hipster cred, Google+ users cry inwardly. Google markets Google+ as a “social layer” rather than an independent social network – enhancing authorship and circulation without being an entity of its own.

Ultimately, Google's stated aim is to create an inclusive, welcoming community. But it appears some restrictions are still in place. For instance, it still insists on a first and last name. You also won’t have the option of changing names on a whim as Twitter or Facebook allows. Pretending to be a different person is still not kosher. Lastly, salacious names that violate Google’s ToS are also off-limits.

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[Source: Google via Engadget]