Google and Microsoft make their way into our daily lives, and other news you might have missed

Get up to speed – we travel back in time to bring you the latest gadgets and tech news from the past few days
Google and Microsoft make their way into our daily lives, and other news you mig

Too bogged down by work to catch up on what's been happening on the tech scene? Don't worry, we've always got you covered with the news you really shouldn't miss from the past few days.

Watch football from an alternate perspective

Thanks to adidas and GoPro, you can watch soccer from another angle rather than the one where 22 men run after a ball. Leading up to the World Cup tournament, six Go Pro HD cameras have been fixed into the soccer ball for close-ups from the pitch. You can view all the fun on the adidas Football YouTube channel and official Brazuca website.

We hope you don’t get dizzy spells because there will be a lot of spinning involved.

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Share your TV with Google

Google secretly planning to dominate living room with Android TV?

Google could soon invade our living space. Rumor has it that it intends to try and tap into the TV space again with Android TVs. We’re guessing there will be much less channel surfing with Google suggesting what you should watch, play or buy.    

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Car Windows unlike any other

Microsoft wants to install Windows in your car

Think your car windows look cool? Think again. Microsoft is planning on rolling out its Windows software on new car models, which you can expect by mid next year. The system integrates your smartphone with the car’s entertainment system and its voice-control features minimise physical contact with the dashboard. It’s just the right idea for safe driving.   

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Perfect score for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 review

We haven’t gotten enough of the Samsung Galaxy S5. You’ve got to get your hands on it for a fiddle at least. With its big, bright screen, new features and aesthetic design, it could possibly be one of the best phones released this year. Start making your way to your nearest local telco or the Samsung Experience store.

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Add Bruce Lee to your EA Sports UFC team

Pre-order EA Sports UFC and get Bruce Lee, the ultimate fighter

Bruce Lee fans, get excited. By the looks of the online teasers from EA Sports UFC, the late martial artist will be an addition to the buffed team. No word yet on the exact Asian release date, but if you want to get your hands on it early, check out the pre-order bonus.

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