Google almost built a jetpack

Head of Google X lab reveals that at least 100 prototypes are rejected each year – including a personal flying machine
Google almost built a jetpack

Google’s secretive X laboratory, best known for the development of Google Glass, rejects hundreds of prototypes a year – one of which was a personal jetpack.

Google X head Astro Teller (a pretty fitting name for a designer of futuristic products) revealed this week that the lab worked for some time on a wearable device. The aim was to create a safe personal jetpack, but the project was eventually ditched due to issues with power efficiency. Teller claims the finished jetpack would have been as loud as a motorcycle.

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Speaking at TechCrunch’s Disrupt New York conference, Teller said that Google X rejects “easily” 100 prototypes a year. The lab’s purpose is to uncover and develop technology suitable for personal, everyday use and, as well as Glass, it’s also been responsible for Google’s driverless cars, Project Loon (which uses high-flying balloons to spread internet access) and Google Contact Lens (a lens able to measure blood sugar levels in diabetic wearers).

Looks like it may be a few more years before we can fly to work every morning.

[Via Apple Insider]

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Image credit: Steve Jurvetson