Google to add cameras to your contact lenses

Not content with merely perching on your face, the search giant wants to get even closer to your eyeballs
Google wants to add cameras to your contact lenses

Seems like Google has been pretty busy with patents of late, with a few new ones relating to - get this - smart contact lenses.

Google is apparently envisioning a future where contact lenses are fitted with tiny cameras that can be controlled via a system using your unique blinking patterns.

However, the smart contact lenses are not tailored for the average Joe, but for specialised users like those with visual disabilities.

Google lenses for good

Google lenses for good

No, Google isn’t going to be building bionic eyes. Instead, what Google hopes to do is fit the smart lenses so they will be able to detect visuals such as incoming traffic while crossing a street and sending out an alert. The data could even be routed to an Android smartphone which to trigger an audible warning.

It's done by using a tiny image capture component that will process the image data and that data will then either be sent remotely or used for local functions. The image data can be processed to detect light, colours, patterns, and other important information.

Google also notes the possibility of adding face detection to the contact lens, which could be useful not just to the blind, but law enforcement forces as well.

For those who are sighted, the lenses are created so that the camera component will not obstruct the wearer’s view in any way. The contact lens will even follow the user’s gaze, shifting when the gaze shifts.

What’s even cooler is that more than one camera could possibly be fitted onto the lens.

Just don't expect the lenses to go to market anytime soon as these are all just patents, and not actual working prototypes yet.

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