Goodbye Google+ - We Shall Not Miss Thee

Google+ is in the midst of being shut down this month itself

There's just something about Google+ that comes off as a platform that deserves to go down the likes of Myspace and Friendster, but worse. At least in our memories, both Myspace and Friendster gave us good moments in one way or another. 

Google+? Not so. 

It's then for the best that Google, after 8 years of having launched, has officially started the process of shutting down and deleting all consumer accounts on its Google+ social network platform. This brings an end to Google's attempts to compete with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

The reason behind it seems logical enough - "low usage".  But there's an even bigger reason - security liability. Google has disclosed two significant data leaks that had possible exposed information for tens of millions of Google+ users to outside developers.  

The first vulnerability was initially kept secret for months, which prompted Google to decide it was time to close Google+ for good. The second vulnerability led to the company accelerating those shutdown plans by four months, meaning the service was set to meet its end in April instead of August. 

While there are people who enjoyed the platform, most users didn't take kindly to the way Google forced many users to create an account. This was especially so for their YouTube service, where users could only leave a comment and like videos only if they had a Google+ account. It's likely one of the reasons that led to its eventual demise, as well as why the numbers of people with fond memories of the platform isn't as high as others. 

Even so, not all is lost. Google+ still lives on in a way with the success of Hangouts and Photos, and there's still the upgraded G Suite to keep users within the Google circle. Google+ may not have been a success, but its failure is a bitter pill that the company has to swallow to improve further.