Good guy Elon Musk totally in favour of potential Apple car competition

If you were hoping for drama in Silicon Valley, you’re going to be sorely disappointed

You’d think Elon Musk - owner of Tesla Motors - would be doing everything in his (sustainable) power to fight Apple’s rumoured entry into the electric car business.

But there is more than enough space for another electric car company besides Tesla in this parking garage called life as Elon Musk more than embraces the competition. When Musk was asked about Apple’s rumoured entry into the industry that Tesla Motors is king of, Musk graciously commented,” I certainly hope Apple gets into the car business. That’d be great.”

If you’ve watched the launch of the Powerwall, you’d know that Musk buries his competitive side for the greater good, keeping Powerwall battery tech open source. Because he knows that if the world is going to be saved, it’s not going to be just one company’s fight by any means. Captain Planet always had help after all.

But it’s true that the two companies have been poaching employees from each other. To clear the air that Apple is sucking Tesla Motors’ talent dry, Musk only has this to say, “If you look at the trailing 12 months, Tesla has recruited something like five times as many people from Apple as Apple has from Tesla.”

On that note, here’s a thought - why don’t the two just collaborate instead of swapping employees? One’s got the credibility and clout, the other’s got the electrical expertise. Call us crazy, but together, they’d be better than great.

Just saying.

Source: Jalopnik, 9to5Mac