Going Back to the Future…with Lego!

As Doc Emmett would say, "Great Scott!"
Going Back To The Future…With Lego!

88 miles per hour. That was what the Doc and Martin Mcfly needed to travel through time in the classic ‘Back to the Future’ movie trilogy.

Where we're going, we don't need roads

Now, you can recreate the iconic movie scenes, right in your home or your favourite play area, with tiny Lego bricks.

The new Lego set, designed by Masashi Togami and Minifig Builder Sakuretsu, was posted on Cuusoo, a website where users can vote for their favourite Lego designs. After gathering 10,000 votes, the Back to the Future set was chosen by Lego's head builders for production.  Other sets that were given the green light include the JAXA Hayabusa satellite and a Minecraft scene.

The set lets you build and customise the bricks into a normal, well, as normal as a time travelling DeLorean car can be, from the first movie, or the flying version from the second movie. Add more parts to build the re-engineered one that was featured in the third movie. Trains to push it above 88 miles per hour are not included.

The Back To The Future Lego set will be on sale for US$34.99 (RM112) on Lego’s web store, Lego shops and select retail partners from 1 August. It is now available to San Diego ComiCon goers as an early sale item at the Lego booth. Lucky them.

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