GOG Galaxy is DRM-free gaming goodness

Service is currently in beta, so get in line

If you're into retro games, you'd have heard of the website Good Old Games or GOG.com. Part of the the CD Projekt group (the geniuses behind Witcher), it served up classic games as well as new, popular indie titles. One thing that endeared the website to its members was its strictly no-DRM policy.

Now GOG has launched its own Steam-equivalent, GOG Galaxy. It promises multiplayer, interaction, achievements and all while still not foisting DRM on you. While the platform won't serve up all the AAA games and franchises you're used to getting on Steam, it does bring in a touch of modernity to old classics and GOG's wallet-friendly price points are good reason to visit and play a classic game or two.

Other features worth noting: being able to opt out of updates, being able to play games offline as well as support for backing up your games to an external disk, drive or the cloud.

Currently if you're interested you can visit the GOG Galaxy beta website to signup for the beta. You'll have to wait awhile though as invites will only be sent out in batches and we're betting GOG's faithful following have already signed up in droves. Let the DRM-less gaming sessions begin!