Godus is yet another tale of a Kickstarter gone wrong

The game is still half-baked apparently and many of its promised rewards might never be delivered
Godus is yet another tale of a Kickstarter gone wrong

While Kickstarter can deliver some great games - Divinity:Original Sin, Don't Starve, Shadowrun Returns among them, it can also leave in its wake disappointment, unfinished games and backers feeling cheated. The latest Kickstarter campaign that failed to deliver is Peter Molyneux's Godus, another God game that promised to be the God game you always wanted.

But that's the problem with Molyneux; his vision for games would enthrall but his capacity to deliver on said visions often fell short. Despite succesfully raising more than half a million pounds in its Kickstarter, Godus is far short from delivering on its goals.

Perhaps Linux might never happen

Godus is yet another tale of a Kickstarter gone wrong

In a video released by Molyneux and his developers, it seems that while the developers are less than optimistic, Molyneux still believes that the project is viable despite losing key developers to other projects and companies.

It's pretty obvious that Molyneux considered it was a big mistake to put so much effort into mobile development instead of finishing the PC version first and from the video, it seems that deliverables such as a Linux version might never come to pass. Multiplayer might still happen, but at this point it's doubtful.

Seeing how the game was pushed on both Steam Early Access as well as the App Store, it seemed to hold promise but with Molyneux saying that whatever new updates will take "months and months", backers might have to accept that Godus' promised land  might never come to pass.

If you need a good game that was also backed on Kickstarter, is in Early Access on Steam but is fun as heck, try the XCOM meets Dungeons & Dragons rogue-like Darkest Dungeon.

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[Source: Kotaku]