GoBe health tracker is the first to automatically measure calories

This wearable band checks calorie intake and burn-off through your skin
GoBe health tracker is the first to automatically measure calories

So, another health tracker?

Yes, we know there are a lot of these knocking about at the moment, but the GoBe has something that you won’t find on any of the others: a proper automatic calorie counter.

How does that work?

A sensor on the GoBe measures the glucose in your cells through the skin of your wrist. So whether you’re chomping on a cheeseburger or jogging through the woods, it’s keeping track of calorie intake and burn.

With other activity trackers, calories are either tracked manually (i.e. you have to input the data based on food labels) or simply estimated, so GoBe has a huge advantage over its rivals here.

Is that all it does?

Oh no. It also has a 24/7 heart rate monitor and can keep track of hydration levels, sleep, blood pressure and stress levels. There’s also a standard accelerometer to measure activity and movement. The whole point is that all this is done automatically, so it knows everything without you having to lift a finger. Not that you’re lazy or anything – otherwise why would you need an activity tracker?

Let’s talk hardware…

The GoBe is worn like a watch, and it’s a fairly good-looking piece of gear (having been designed by Jozeph Forakis, who previously worked at Swatch and Motorola). Waterproof too, natch, so you can wear it 24/7, even when showering or swimming.

The battery lasts three days on a charge, and charges in an hour. Oh, and there’s Bluetooth to keep the tracker in touch with your smartphone, where it can feed the data to iOS and Android apps, or the Healbe web portal. With the app, you can set goals and earn badges, and it’ll also give you tips on how to boost your workouts and improve your health.

Sold! Where can I get one?

GoBe and app

You can’t, yet. The GoBe is currently being funded via Indiegogo. But it’s surpassed its funding target comfortably, meaning the products will start wending their way to backers in June 2014. You can contribute US$189 (around £115) to get one, but Healbe says they’ll cost US$299 (RM982) when they go on general sale later in the year.