Gmail's autofill fail could have you emailing the wrong people

Weird bug has least contacted emails popping up instead of the most contacted ones

If you use Gmail on a daily basis, you might have noticed that things aren't working quite as intended. Gmail's users have noticed that the old reliable autofill service isn't quite working as intended. Instead of auto-filling email 'to' fields with the usual suspects, emails that you rarely or perhaps might never have used are popping up. Imagine if you're busy and send email without looking too hard at who you're sending to (it happens, trust us), the potential embarassment factor is pretty high.

Watch where you email

Google has responded to the complaints by Tweeting that it is investigating the issue, and has apparently identified the cause. A fix is in the works but until then, best you really check who you're sending that email to.

Wouldn't want to send those embarassing vacation photos to your boss, now would you?

[Source: Engadget]