GM plans to soup up 2017 Cadillacs with self-driving tech

Expect hands-free driving and connected cars that will talk to each other
GM plans to soup up 2017 Cadillacs with self-driving tech

What's almost as good as having a driver for your Cadillac? Why, a Cadillac that lets you drive hands-free.

Cadillac's in-development advanced driver assist technology, Super Cruise, will finally get its debut in 2017, said General Motors CEO Mary Barra. Around the same time, the 2017 Cadillac CTS will also be fitted with vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology.

Safer, smarter driving

Super Cruise isn't designed to take the responsibility for driving completely off the driver. It is, rather, semi-autonomous at best and works at keeping a vehicle on course, allowing for hands-off lane following, braking and speed control.

It will make driving on freeways a more comfortable experience and will also take into account specific highway conditions, although not actually letting the car drive itself.

Cadillac's also working on letting vehicles communicate with each other via what GM calls vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. It can help lessen traffic congestion by relaying information such as speed, direction of travel and location. Drivers will thus be alerted and be able to use active safety features such as forward collission warning that can already be found on cars already in production.

V2V will work via a variation of the 802.11n wireless standard. The US is already working on making V2V a standard feature on cars in the future.

Anything that makes driving a safer, less stressful experience sounds great to us.

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