Give your bike electric superpowers with Rubbee

Brit Kickstarter project aims to give your aching legs a break by converting your two-wheeler into an electric cruiser

If your weary legs are worn out from pedalling, then a new Kickstarter product called Rubbee could give them a well deserved break.

The Rubbee transforms a regular bike into an electric one, cutting down on pedalling and letting you wave goodbye to queues outside the office shower every morning.

Big wheels keep on turning

The waterproof Rubbee unit clamps to the back of your bike and houses an electric motor, powering a polyurethane wheel. This wheel spins against the rear tyre, adding enough oomph to boost your speed or save you from pedalling altogether.

Its 20,000mAh battery means cyclists can reach top speeds of 25km/h with an average maximum range of 25km. The battery should serve up this range for a full five years and you can crank up the speed with a handlebar-mounted throttle.

If you fancy breathing some new life into your wheels then the Rubbee wil set you back £700 (RM3417) on Kickstarter, where it's aiming for an early November release date.

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