That Gigantic Energizer Smartphone Turned Out To Be A Failure On Indiegogo

It only hit 1% of its targeted goal at the end of the funding period

You definitely would have seen it circulating everywhere - the giant Energizer smartphone with an 18,000mAh battery that's pretty much a smartphone with a built-in power bank. 

The Energizer P18K Pop was recently placed on Indiegogo for crowdfunding with a US$1,200,000 (around MYR5 million) goal but it only secured US$15,005 (around MYR 62,000) - only 1% of its targeted goal at the end of its funding period. 

We first got a look at the device at MWC 2019 and it received a lot of attention. Which is likely why Avenir Telecom, the company that has the license to produce Energizer smartphones, thought it would be a great idea to crowdfund the smartphone to be able to mass-produce it and bring it to the market in the summer. 

With the campaign falling 99% short of its goal, one does have to wonder if it was even worth doing crowdfunding. It's likely that the whole crowdfunding campaign was merely done as a form of marketing. According to The Verge; there’s a reasonable argument to be made that Avenir Telecom maybe never really believed it would be able to go beyond the prototype stage with its P18K Pop. 

You also have to wonder why the crowdfund had such a high goal to begin with. The cost to support the smartphone was already pricey; early bird backers for the first 200 units were going for US$549 (about MYR 2,270), while the subsequent phones were going for US$599 (about MYR 2,477). There’s even the option to buy a pack of three at a total cost of US$1,587 (about MYR 6,564). With that amount of money, you may as well buy your own smartphone and a powerbank as it will cost far less. 

Whatever it is, the conclusion for this crowdfund failure is that while many of us may like the idea of a smartphone and a powerbank in one, we sure don't think it's worth spending over.