Get your trance on with Beatport's music streaming to your phone

No pop, no country, just EDM all the time

You'd think with Spotify, Deezer and Pandora there wouldn't be a market for more streaming apps. Electronic dance music (EDM) lovers might say otherwise, though. While more mainstream Billboard charttoppers are easy enough to find on Spotify, people who want a more diverse choice in EDM are often disappointed but Beatport is trying to change all that.

Like a club in your pocket

Beatport has already been around for a while, selling music online and catering to DJs who need music. With the apps for Android and iOS, there's not just streaming but also a built-in calendar for a listing of dance music gigs and festivals. In time, Beatport also hopes to sell tickets via the app.

Besides streaming music from a pretty impressive track collection, there's also videos as well as live and archived sessions from Beatport's own in-house channel. Coming up soon - streaming live events, such as a DJ's direct broadcast.

The app itself is pretty polished and slick - register and you can start listening to tunes in less than a minute.

Try the app out for free from Google Play or the App Store now.

[Source: Beatport]