Get your closeup: Samsung S4 Zoom comes to Malaysia

It’s magic! No, it’s tech wizardry that’s mashed together a 10x optical zoom compact camera and the S4 mini into one (smaller than you think) body

After leaked early reviews by the Russians (boy they get all the fun), Samsung announced the S4 Zoom to the world a couple months ago. Good tidings for shutterbugs who dislike bringing multiple devices around – the smartphone-camera hybrid is currently one of a kind in the market.

Taking inspiration from the S4 family, it features a 4.3in Super AMOLED screen with 960x540 pixel resolution, which puts it squarely in the small phone territory (if you consider 4.3 inch small, that is).

Unlike the previously launched Galaxy Camera, it comes without unnecessary bulk. Additionally, the fact that it has a stabilised 10x optical zoom is impressive. Plus, it is fitted with a proper Xenon flash and a 16 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, which translates to good performance in low light conditions.

Samsung also fitted the S4 Zoom with a Zoom Ring around the lens. Twist the ring to access the quick-launch menu, or use it to control the zoom mechanism in camera mode. Twisting the Zoom Ring also lets you access different camera modes, the gallery and In-Call Photo Share, which allows you to ping images via MMS to whoever you're talking to on the phone.

With 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage plus a microSD slot to expand your storage count up to an additional 64GB, you get a nice go-to device for everyday, portable use.

If you are looking to get this hybrid of a device, be prepared to cough up RM1699. Until Samsung decides to one up it, of course.