Get ready to go gang crazy. Sleeping Dogs follow-up, Triad Wars is coming

More kung-fu, crazy car chases and near-authentic Hong Kong setting likely in upcoming release

Last year's surprise hit Sleeping Dogs was the videogame homage to classic Hong Kong crime dramas with a story very much reminiscent of Infernal Affairs

More than a Hong Kong GTA

Seems the 'good cop goes undercover as a triad gangster' plot is as good for a game as it is for gaming as United Front Games (UFG) is creating another game in the world of Sleeping Dogs and calling it Triad Wars.

UFG is mum on the details but as it is confirmed that it will share the same world as Sleeping Dogs so it looks like the Hong Kong setting is pretty much assured, though who knows? Since triads do sometimes expand beyond a locale, we just might see more of the beat-em-up action elsewhere like, say, China or maybe even in our own backyard of Malaysia? What's certain is that if you loved Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars is more of the same but in a good, kung-fu fighting, slow-mo shooting sort of way.

[Source: United Front Games]