Get My Omamori Rewards Through HUAWEI AppGallery!

Otome fans can get their own personal guardian angel equipped with special Huawei rewards

Otome fans rejoice! HUAWEI AppGallery is giving out exclusive rewards to mobile game players who download My Omamori, a story-based Otome game where you can customise a guardian angel just for you! 

Based on a promise from 500 years ago, an ancient warrior named Toki Mamoru has come back to be your guardian angel to take care of your daily needs.  What has brought Toki back? Why would an ancient warrior become your guardian angel? It's up to you to find out!

The game allows users to customise Toki by changing his outfit and gradually building a relationship with him to unlock different endings. Toki will also provide real-life support such as alarm, schedule management, and health reminders. Toki even helps players to make daily decisions such as recommendations on what food to eat and clothes to wear, making him a real guardian angel to support users’ daily lives. 

Famous Japanese voice actor Yuki Ono will be voicing Toki, with stories written by Taiwanese Award winning Novelist Deer Li. 

HUAWEI AppGallery recently launched My Omamori on the HUAWEI’s official app store and is currently available in all Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Meanwhile, the English version for Europe and an exclusive USA version will be arriving in two months.

Most importantly, HUAWEI AppGallery is rewarding HUAWEI mobile game players with exclusively designed outfits and costumes. Users can claim the Workplace Smarties outfit from HUAWEI AppGallery gift centre.

HUAWEI’s official appstore, AppGallery is preloaded in all HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones with more than 270 million monthly active users on HUAWEI AppGallery. It has a four-layer threat detection mechanism in HUAWEI AppGallery doubles up the confidence of users in using the app store without worries. So Huawei users, be sure to access the HUAWEI AppGallery with your HUAWEI ID to unlock the My Omamori’s adventurous and mysterious stories now!

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