Get Instagram vision with Tens

Go on, add a filter to your everyday lives with these adaptive glasses
Get Instagram vision with Tens

Ever taken a picture on Instagram, added a filter to it, and thought it looked way better than the scene itself? Yeah, we’ve all been in that position at least once in our lives – well, at least the avid Instagrammers have.

A young team of designers will soon make that vision possible with its latest eyewear – a range of sunglasses that lets you see the world Instagram-style.

The aim of the company, Tens, is simple; it wants to “make your day look ten times better.” And that it will do; bring on the Valencia and Lo-Fi filters.

Well, not literally. We know you’re not silly enough to believe it has more advanced technology than Google Glass. No, Tens doesn't let you swipe across its lens to attain your desired filter (not to mention the amount of fingerprints you’ll actually leave on it). Instead, the lenses react to the warmth of the sun to create an “uplifting” hue to what you see. It works in the same way Instagram filters boost the colours of images.

I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid

Get Instagram vision with Tens

According to the trio behind Tens, Marty Bell, Kris Reid and Tom Welsh, there’s a correlation to the colour of your lens and mood enhancement. Apparently, yellow and orange (the colours used by Tens) are the best choices to lift up your spirits.

Since launching a crowd-funding campaign through IndieGogo a few days ago, the business has already garnered more than £117,000 (RM639,477) from its initial £9,400 (RM51,376) target.

The company might still be in its fledgling stages, but Tens sunglasses are available for pre-order, and deliveries are expected to be fulfilled by June end.

The sunglasses are unisex and available in four frame colors – black, navy, deep red, and teal – costing £36 (RM197). Did we mention the lenses are also scratch resistant and offer 100 per cent UV protection?

Tens is planning on rolling out a wider range of gender-specific models and a wider variety of lenses at a later date. Looks like these sunnies are going to be a massive hit.

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