Get into the game with the Siberia Elite

The newest headset from SteelSeries offers the coolest multimedia experience

Every gamer knows that to fully sink himself into his game of choice, the right headset is of unparalleled importance. 

Packing Dolby technology, the Siberia Elite provides the complete audio experience by upgrading your audio into 7.1 channel surround sound. Its Sound Share port located on the right earcup allows for another player or viewer to get in on the sound action, without compromising on the individual’s experience. For those who enjoy a variety of games, the clever headset has settings for unlimited audio profiles that you can affix to the different titles you play, as well as equaliser presets for different genres.

The Siberia Elite is also not lacking on communications; its microphone is equipped with active noise-cancelling magic and auto mic compression to intuitively adjust volume levels. 

Memory foam will keep your ears feeling all snug and comfortable for long periods of pwnage. Available in black or white, you can also choose from 16.8 million colours in its illumination settings to be the snazziest player in the game. 

The SteelSeries Siberia Elite is retailing for RM770 at stores like JayaCom Information and Viewnet Hyperstore, so dig deep into your pockets and snag yourself, or someone else, a pair to game the festive season away.