Get a free Gear VR when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Another reason to get Samsung's flagship if you haven't already

Well, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is now the reigning Samsung flagship. Anyone who is thinking of getting one might be cheered to know about Samsung's latest promotion.

It's for a limited time and with limited units, so you might not want to wait on this one.

Limited stock

Samsung says that the promo will only be open to 5000 customers and the promotion will end 18 December 2016.

The VR headgear on its own will cost RM399 so that's a nice incentive to get one if you've been planning to get on the VR bandwagon.

As for the current RRP, it is still RM3099 though last year's Galaxy Note 5 (which does not come with VR) is retailing for RM2199 (if you want an alternative).

The new Blue Coral colour is also now available for the phone which promises the best specs on a Samsung flagship so far. It's also been hailed as having one of the best smartphone cameras around.

Make an enquiry at your nearest Samsung retail outlet to see if they have stock for the VR headset as Samsung says the promotion will only be happening at selected outlets nationwide.

Check out our review to see if it's worth getting a Galaxy S7 Edge.

[Source: Samsung]