Get excited – the unofficial Xiaomi Mi5 seems to be bezel-free

Leaks of the device, likely from the production line, surface
Get excited – the unofficial Xiaomi Mi5 is bezel-free

Xiaomi’s been taking a while to bring its Mi4 to our shores (it was officially unveiled sometime in July), but that hasn’t stopped rumours about the make of its successor, the Xiaomi Mi5, from sprouting.

By the looks of the images leaked, it seems that the purported unit was pictured right from the production line – if you look close enough at the reflections off the device, you’ll see the gloved hands of a person snapping the pic. The image was first spotted on Weibo, and then published on GizChina.

It’s evident that it’s a Xiaomi device, by the Mi branding on it on the top left corner. Only the front of the unit was pictured, showing just a white unit with a screen that extends from end to end.

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Changes in design...

Get excited – the unofficial Xiaomi Mi5 is bezel-free

If this is the Mi5 (there’s no denying that the images could be fake, or it could also be a new flagship Redmi model), we’re digging the near bezel-less design, which is a design difference from the iPhone-esque Mi4. According to sources, the Xiaomi Mi5 might also have a slight 2.5d curve to its display, similar to the one used on the IUNI U3.

Unfortunately, no other information of the smartphone including the specifications of its insides, camera, and make was revealed but considering that this is the first of the device’s leaks, we can expect much more in the coming months.

On the other hand, this little piece of production leak could also be an indication of the looming rollout of the Mi4 – if the Mi5 is in assembly, it’s only about time the Mi4 hits retail, don’t you think? 

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[Source: GizChina, images: Weibo