Get Bready To Win: The Razer Toaster Is Real

What started as an April Fool's joke has now become cereal

Y'all may be thinking it's a crumby joke, but this toast is real. Razer has actually announced that you deserve butter as a gamer, and is making Project Breadwinner a reality to make all your toasty gaming dreams come true. 

Now let's stop the bread puns before they get stale. 

Back in April 1 2016, Razer announced Project Breadwinner; an April Fool's joke where they announced the Razer Toaster, a "gaming-grade" kitchen appliance. Well, fans loved it and after 3 years of demanding to make it real, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has announced that he has arranged a team of engineers to develop a real Razer Toaster! 

But fans requesting for the toaster was not the only reason. The CEO reportedly issued a challenge some time ago by supporting a Give us the Razer Toaster page and challenged that if it managed to reach 1 million likes (and a verified Razer Toaster tattoo acts as the equivalent of 100,000 likes), Razer would make the Toaster. 

Well it looks like it worked as the page reached that goal through 12 fan tattoos and over 45,000 page likes, which makes the total amount of support to be 1,245,000. 

We're totally looking forward to see this become a reality; hopefully the toaster will be IoT and leave the Razer logo on the toast!