Get 21GB of data with Celcom’s new postpaid plan for RM85/month

Will the telco oneupmanship never end?

Celcom's new plan is for those who rely heavily on data usage, and we really do mean heavy. The new Celcom First Basic 85 Internet plan gives you 21GB of mobile data for only RM85/month. This is a plan that is different from all the other First Basic plans as it gives you lots of data while calls are as charged.

The plan by default will give you 7GB of mobile data, 7GB of Celcom WiFi access at any time of the day that you will need to look for a hotspot, and 14GB of mobile data and WiFi which you can only use during non-peak hours which is from 2AM to 8AM everyday.

If that is not enough, you can just add money to top up the data starting from RM3 for 100MB up to RM50 for 5GB. There are no specifications on the call rates but SMS/MMS rates are charged at 15sen across all networks. If you finish your data allocations, all SMS and calls will be charged at 10sen, which sound pretty much like Celcom’s PortaWiFi 2.0 plan.

[source : SoyaCincau]