General Motors is working on self-learning voice control for cars

A perfected voice recognition technology will finally make you look less crazy during those chatty moments with your vehicle
GM working on better voice control for cars

It was revealed earlier that General Motors (GM) will be working with a machine learning firm VocalIQ to develop a more intuitive voice-control system for its cars.

That's to say, no more learning a specific jargon or sequence of words to activate specific features in the car.

Details of such a system have yet to surface. They’ve only stated their aim, which is a system that will learn the user’s intentions and vocabulary over time – so no more fiddling with a manual for the right voice commands just to pull up GPS or lower temperature.

Actually, we might be jumping the gun on that too – the two companies have yet to set anything in stone over their collaboration. So the take-away is some executives really want a smart voice in their cars. It might happen sometime.

Siri, drive to the corner store

GM working on better voice control for cars

Of course, most of us have probably abandoned the entire endeavour altogether and have fallen back on an archaic solution. You may have heard of this thing called your arms and fingers. Both of which are appropriately fashioned to solve the trivial problem of switching radio stations, turning on windshield wipers, adjusting air-conditioning and so on.

Still, GM is motivated to bring us the likes of Siri or Google voice to cars – a quality-of-life buff. Who needs arms, they say? The armless may one day pilot a car with his teeth and feet, says GM's Gil Golan, and not only will the car take orders, it’ll hold a conversation with you.

So you won’t even need someone to talk to you and keep you awake during those long road trips. Really, who needs people at all?

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[Source: Engadget