Gamescom 2015: all the news you may have missed

Sometimes it's the small things that matter

It's been another jam-packed Gamescom this year which means you've undoubtedly been lost in a din of AAA trailers and impending release dates.

But life isn't all about Quantum Break and Call of Duty; the past few days in Cologne have also bestowed a set of smaller, but nonetheless delightful morsels of news that have probably passed you by.

Luckily for you we've been swaddling them up in a bundle like a newborn babe... of gaming news...  or something like that anyway.

Bungie sinks the Dink

The general consensus is that Peter Dinklage's performance in Destiny as a robo-AI came up short. The words, 'lifeless', 'abominable', and 'sub-robotic' have all been bandied across the internet since the MMOish shooter's release last year. 

In response to vociferous disapproval from the game's fans, Bungie has announced that it is completely retconning Dinklage from the game. The upcoming expansion, The Taken King, as well as content from the original game, will now feature Nolan North (prolific actor and the rusky tones of Nathan Drake to you and us) as the voice of your Ghost. 

We Happy Few set to make a few people happier

Add Stepford wives to psychedelia, throw in some first person shenanigans and a lick of dystopia for good measure, and you'll produce something like We Happy Few. Very little is known about the game at this point but its stark aesthetic and BE HAPPY RIGHT NOW OR OUT COMES THE JOY SYRINGE game dynamic has turned quite a few heads.

This week it was announced that Xbox One owners, as well as those on Mac and PC, will be able to spend their hours avoiding involuntary injection, as We Happy Few will be debuting on the platform in 2016.

What? That news doesn't make you happy? TIME TO TAKE YOUR PILLS.

We saw a little more of Unravel

Unravel, the sumptuous 2D platformer about a little woollen hero called Yarny captured our hearts at E3. Gamescom afforded us a deeper glimpse into its world and physics-based problem solving, with in game footage of Yarny battling the lapping waves of the ocean. It looks like there will be more to this game than cooing over Yarny's unbelievable level of cuteness.

Microsoft continued to teach an old dog new tricks

Microsoft, in its determination to make the Xbox one the only entertainment device you’ll ever need, is planning to add yet another layer of functionality to the Xbox One. From an as of yet undefined point in 2016, gamers will be able to record live TV using their console.

One small caveat is that the new functionality will require an external hard drive, but if you’re gagging to record every episode of Corrie (or hopefully something less banal) from now until the end of time itself, then it seems a small price to pay.

Space sim expansion won't feature any space

Galactic trade, piracy, and going-really-fast simulator Elite: Dangerous is to expand its current set of functionality with a module that lets players ditch the infinite void.

The Horizons expansion will finally allow players to travel to the surface of the game's unspeakably large amount of planets, where they have, up until this point, been restricted to docking at space stations. Land ahoy!


Bethesda zapped the level cap

RPG number crunchers and item-buff fanciers - it's time to crack out that spare pair of undies you've been saving for exactly this sort of moment. Bethesda has revealed that in the upcoming Fallout 4, players will be able to level up indefinitely.

Skyrim already features a similar system, which allows players to continue ramping up their abilities for a very, very long time, but this is the first time that the Fallout series is getting the same treatment.

Smite developers surprised us all

Do you like Smite? If so, that puts you in the good company of about 11/10 people on the globe.

Luckily for you, the creators of Smite, Hi-Rez Studios, have announced a new project: a team-based first person shooter called Paladins which also features some kind of card-based shenanigans. It's more than our minds can comfortably wrap themselves around at the moment, but consider us intrigued.