Games on the agenda for Microsoft's Hololens

Microsoft calls gaming a "huge opportunity" for the platform

Look out, Occulus. Microsoft is coming for you, with its plan to work on games for the exciting new Hololens platform. Could holographic computing be a more fun, flexible platform than virtual reality? Microsoft sure hopes so.


Windows 10 gaming frontiers

Saying the response to Microsoft HoloLens has been 'incredible', Microsoft is choosing to put a lot of emphasis on gaming though it acknowledges that the technology could easily be used in other industries.

Microsoft is even encouraging game developers to signup for the Microsoft's Windows Insider program for access to the holographic APIs. More details will be coming at Microsoft's next Build 2015 conference.

It's reassuring that Microsoft is still putting effort and funds into improving the Xbox platform, so best we start looking forward to new holographic experiences on the Xbox and Windows 10. The big question is whether Sony will have something to compete with that. May the next war of the consoles be even more exciting.

[Source: The Verge]