Gamers Hideout speaks up after staff mistakes customer for thief

Viral incident had led to calls to boycott the store

Games retailer Gamers Hideout (GH) did not have a good weekend - it was slammed on social media after a store manager mistakenly identified a customer as a shoplifter.

A messy chain of events

Facebook user Holy Chit (real name unknown) posted a description of his ordeal at GH's 1 Utama branch.

The outlet's manager accused him and a friend of stealing a game CD a month ago, and had a CCTV he claimed was proof. Apparently the theft happened 22 February 2017 and Holy Chit said he had chat proof that he was not at 1 Utama that day. GH's manager was unconvinced and detained him for the police to make an investigation.

Once police arrived, after questioning and the police also sharing the opinion that the individuals on the CCTV were not Holy Chit and his friend, the two were released.

GH has issued a public statement about the incident saying it had delayed the statement pending its own investigation of the matter, and acknowledged its own poor handling of the matter.

It's too early to see whether this public statement will be enough to stave off the backlash the company is experiencing, with many other customers now sharing their experiences of what they say was bad customer service and poor treatment by the staff.