GameChanger is a boardgame and tabletop gamer's dream come true

Who needs an ordinary table for gaming when you can game with this massive spill- and scratch-proof display panel?
GameChanger is a boardgame and tabletop gamer's dream

GameChanger is tabletop gaming taken quite literally as it's a large HD screen which can be used to display games. Put it across your table and dispense with annoying setup, where once you had to lay out one or various game boards.

What does this offering from Splendiferous Press entail exactly? Imagine a toughened glass top encased in 10mm of clear acrylic and connected to an electronic device of your choice such as your laptop, smartphone or tablet. The casing is spill- and scratch-proof so you won't have to worry about scuffing the surface with your gaming miniatures or that mug of beer.

The device was designed to be used with tabletop gaming programs like that allow players to create their own custom digital maps and battlefields, but you can still use GameChanger with more traditional games like Monopoly or Risk.

Versatile game screen for all types

GameChanger is a boardgame and tabletop gamer's dream

How do you plug your gadget in? Find a trusty VGA or HDMI cable or its related adapter for your device. You can even hook up a Chromecast for a wireless connection or even link multiple devices for extra gaming fun.

Besides gaming, the GameChanger can also be propped up for you to use as a standard (but more durable) computer monitor. You can then choose between 32in and 42in models with 16:9 ratio and 1920 x 1080 resolution. But that's only hypothetically of course as these are just plans by the developers currently.

Splendiferous Press has other neat ideas like adding an embedded Linux ARM, Android or perhaps Windows computer and maybe a multi-touch frame, with an alternate version with dual screens and a 36 x 36in (91.4 x 91.4 cm) size also being planned.

But this is all not quite here yet as the company is seeking funds to produce the first batch via Kickstarter with a modest goal of US$50,000 to create the first batch.

For a 'basic' 32in model, be prepared to shell out US$599, while US $1299 will get you a souped-up 42n model. Before you whip out your credit card, the Kickstarter campaign won't start until 30 May and there's no telling if there'll be international shipping. In the meantime, board gamers can dream of a huge screen more worthy of their favourite iPad boardgames.

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