Game of Quotes will help remind your friends Winter is coming

Though of course you could just annoy your friends by just saying "Hodor" all the time

Well, it's another long wait for the next Game of Thrones season, or in the case of the book readers, the Winds of Winter. We're pretty sure HBO will probably deliver new episodes faster than George R R Martin, but in the meantime you can entertain (or annoy) your friends with quotes from the show via a handy new app.

Game of Quotes is pretty much a fancy add-on keyboard which lets you choose from various quotes so you can just pop them in instead of having to, oh, Google and type them out manually.

The app is US$0.99 on the App Store, a small price to pay for a great way to amuse yourself or harass other people who may or may not love the show as much as you do.

[Source: TNW]