Game of Thrones Finale Aired Globally... Except in China

Thanks to the trade war, Chinese fans might be facing the ultimate cliffhanger ever

The wars in Westeros has finally ended in the final season of HBO's Game of Thrones, thus bringing the beloved series to an end. All except China, where the show's final episode did not air by Tencent Video, the streaming platform that controls the rights of HBO's series in the country.

According to Tencent, the final episode has been delayed due to "transmission media problems" while HBO, on the other hand, disputed any technical problems and stated that there were "no issue with delivery". A spokesperson from Tencent later told Wall Street Journal that the company was restricted from airing the finale by the Chinese government due to trade tensions. The yearlong trade war between the United States and China has recently escalated further where US companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, and Google has cut off business with Chinese smartphone giant, Huawei.

With no expected airing date of Game of Thrones' final episode planned by Tencent Video, Chinese fans were outraged by being left out from the series' conclusion by just one more episode. Collateral damage? Defintely. Greatest cliffhanger in history (for China)? Totally.