Future Nokia Lumias may come with Canon lenses

Is this what’s brewing behind Microsoft and Canon’s patent licensing deal?
Future Nokia Lumias may come with Canon lenses

The evidence is clear – with newer smartphones sporting megapixel pumped cameras, the market for compact cameras might be deteriorating slowly.

This would spell bad news for camera vendors, who may have to come up with alternate ways to survive. Perhaps, Canon’s got some foresight into this changing trend, as it’s recently inked a patent licensing deal with Microsoft.

Our minds are reeling with the possibilities that can emerge out of this deal, besides the known fact that they both will have access to one another’s deepest, darkest tech secrets, and more – the creation of a Nokia smartphone with Canon’s imaging expertise.

This is all pure speculation for the moment, but the chances of Canon porting over its camera tech onto a Nokia is pretty plausible. After all, Nokia is known for creating camera-centric mobiles; take the Nokia Lumia 1020 for instance.

Who’s using who?

Future Nokia Lumias may come with Canon lenses

All we know for the moment, according to GSM Arena, is that the partnership will affect "a broad range of products and services each company offers, including certain digital imaging and mobile consumer products".

But there’s also a flipside to it – Canon could be making Windows-powered compact cameras. That would obviously make it a viable option as compared to any other normal digital camera. Think along the lines of the smart connected Samsung Galaxy camera but with it running Windows Phone instead of Android.

We’re putting our bets on the former. With rumours circulating of a new Lumia with a huge camera (codenamed McLaren), this vision could in fact, become reality. Microsoft could be placing Nokia's PureView camera on the backs of these units, which are also expected to feature gesture controls.

There isn’t much more we can currently make from the deal, but don’t be surprised if it plays out this way. Either way, Microsoft and Canon will not be stuck in the backseat.   

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