Future Apple Watch could rely less on the iPhone

Not that it means you can expect it to be Android-compatible anytime soon

No iPhone? There's no point owning an Apple Watch, or so the thinking goes.

But the latest buzz says that the next watch might depend less on its smartphone partner. It will supposedly be fitted with an improved Wi-Fi chip so that you can text, email and update weather without needing your iPhone.

Big updates will still require an iPhone but it won’t be made useless if you intend to separate its bigger sibling. The new Wi-Fi module also has the Find My Watch feature which is similar to Find My iPhone as the current Apple Watch lacks the hardware to provide the feature.

The company might even add a tiny camera to the face of the watch so that you can Face Time from your wrist, speaking into your wrist and oh yeah, selfies too. The new watchOS 2.0 will be getting an update which will allow Face Time for audio only for current Watch users. But with the new watch, changes will be made with a camera on the face of the watch.

Sadly, there is no change on the battery yet, which is one of the biggest letdowns of the initial Apple Watch. Still a lot could happen before the watch officially goes on sale so we'll keep our fingers crossed.

[Source: Gizmodo]