Further leaks of the HTC One (M9) suggest a different look

UPDATED 29/01/15: Notorious leakster, Evan Blass, confirms this look by leaking spyshots
Further leaks of the HTC One (M9) suggest a different look

That 20.7MP camera, 5.5in 2K display, Snapdragon 805 chipset, and a 3500mAh battery belonging to the alleged HTC One (M9) – you name it, we’ve covered it. And now, we’ve got more gossip to add on to HTC’s upcoming flagship.

According to some sources, the HTC One (M9), codenamed Hima, will sport a new look unlike what was previously said (some sources initially speculated that the unit will look just like its predecessor, the HTC One (M8)).

For one, it's rumoured to come out of the box with an edge-to-edge glass panel fixed to its front. Its design is said to be inspired by the Nexus 9 tablet, giving it a "slicker" and "more refined" look as compared to the other One smartphones.

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Another variation that might make it on the mobile device is changes to its speaker panels – they won’t be exposed like what you got on the original HTC One and the HTC One (M8). Instead, you’ll find them embedded within the edge-to-edge glass panel we mentioned earlier.

Also, the black bar that you found resting under the screen of the HTC One (M8) (which also had the company’s logo on it) is said to be non-existent on the Hima. The rationale being (according to sources) that there won’t be a need for the bar once the taller plastic speaker panels cover the speakers and amplifier.

If that’s got you frothing, calm down. Remember, these are just rumours for now and until HTC removes the wraps off the device at MWC 2015 or confirms any of these leaks (which we doubt will happen), we need to keep our emotions in check. 

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[Source: GSM Arena

A glimpse at its look

UPDATED 29/01/15: Notorious leakster, Evan Blass, has put up an image of the unofficial HTC One (M9) and the One (M9) Plus on his Twitter feed. 

Looking at the picture, it supports the rumours of a redesigned unit with the all-glass front panel and hidden speaker style. Another physical feature evident in the snaps is a center-mounted front camera (although no other information was made available about it).

It also shows that the Plus sized model might come fitted with a hardware home button (which apparently, won't be on the regular one), making it very iPhone-esque don't you think?  

[Source: GSM Arena