Fully Charged: wield Thor's hammer, 3D printed prosthetic hand, Nokia's 8in tablet

Have at thee, readers! Here are some bite-sized news to satisfy your geeky curiosity and make you go aww at some fatherly love
Fully Charged: wield Thor's hammer, 3D printed prosthetic hand, Nokia's 8in tabl

Test your muscle strength with a 90kg replica of the God of Thunder's epic hammer, Mjölnir. Watch a touching moment when a father creates a prosthetic hand with a 3D printer and makes his son whole again. All these and more news to keep you Fully Charged for the techy day ahead.

It’s hammer time

If you have the muscle power to lift this 90kg replica of Mjölnir, it is as close as you’ll get to being the God of Thunder. Made with 10 separate pieces of steel alloyed with chromium and molybdenum, this is the masterpiece of swordsmith Tony Swatton, known for his ridiculously accurate replication of props that include those pointy (and fatal) swords from Game of Thrones and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ awesome weaponry.

Measuring 11-inch long, 5-inch high and 4-inch wide, the hammer’s weight can be drastically reduced to a mere 9kg if it’s hollowed out. But where's the challenge in handling such a lightweight? Wield the fully solid version, smash your make-believe enemies to smithereens and scream “have at thee, villain!” with conviction.

[Source: Gizmodo]

Rumoured Nokia 8in tablet on the way

Rumoured Nokia 8in tablet on the way

Even before the dust has settled on Nokia’s Lumia 2520, rumours of a smaller 8in Windows RT tablet have surfaced.

Leak extraordinaire @evleaks kicked off the rumour mill with 8in tablet's codename - Illusionist. The Verge has further confirmed that the Finnish company plans to launch the device sometime early next year.

Details surrounding the 8in tablet is still shrouded in mystery, but sources familiar with Nokia’s plans have revealed an unsurprising Qualcomm processor powering the tablet.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is expected to launch a Surface Mini to contest in the compact tablet market. Kind of awkward, given how Microsoft will own Nokia devices, which potentially gives it two mini tablets competing against each other.

[Source: The Verge]

Father 3D prints prosthetic hand for son

In a galaxy far far away, Luke Skywalker would have shed a tear if he heard what Paul McCarthy has done.  With the help of inventor Ivan Owen and a 3D printer, McCarthy created a prosthetic hand for his son Leon, who was born without fingers on one of his hands.

Compared to a normal prosthesis devices which can cost up to US$30,000, the 3D printed hand costs a mere US$5. The low cost, plus the option to create a larger one when Leon grows up, sets the stage for 3D printers to be a suitable source for artificial limbs.

Darth Vader. take a hint and learn from this Father of the Year, instead of slicing your kid’s hand off with your lightsaber.

[Source: CBS Evening News via Gizmodo]

LG G Flex really flexes (to an extent)

LG G Flex really flexes (to an extent)

Chalk one up for LG. Its upcoming curvy phone, the LG G Flex, is seemingly faithful to its namesake.

A 14-second video demonstrates that with a significant amount of force, the phone’s body and screen will bend, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Round which has a fixed curvature.

It’s not clear if constant flexing will warp LG's first bendable phone. There’s also no real good reason to flex the phone other than wowing the crowd.

But if such flexing will trigger unknown features in the G Flex, like refreshing your Twitter feed, the potential for LG’s first curved phone is limitless.

[Source: Engadget]