Fully Charged: Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 goes rose gold, and Apple's ResearchKit expands

Friday won't start until you read the latest tech news. So get on with it

Samsung goes rose gold

The iPhone 6s is about to launch in South Korea, and Samsung is ready for the fresh competition - with a rose gold-coloured Galaxy Note 5? Believe it. Samsung's track record for originality isn't exactly sterling, and after the rose gold-colored iPhone 6s apparently led preorders, it looks like the company is relying on old tricks.

Here, however, it's called Pink Gold. So there's that. It goes on sale on 23 October alongside a Silver Titanium model, and there's no word yet on a wider international release for either.

In more interesting news, a Reddit user managed to peel the backing film off of the inside of his Note 5's backing, resulting in a see-through clear cover. It looks fantastic - we'd definitely buy something like that, and it wouldn't seem like a blatant copy of a market leader either!

[Sources: AJU Business Daily via AppleInsider; Reddit via The Verge]

Apple's ResearchKit expands

ResearchKit is a significant addition to iOS, allowing medical researchers to remotely conduct studies via iPhones, and Apple announced yesterday that more than 100,000 participants have tapped into the open-source system. Current studies include those focused on asthma, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease, among others.

And three more big studies are going live: Autism & Beyond from Duke University and worldwide partners, the EpiWatch epilepsy study from Johns Hopkins, and a Melanoma study from Oregon Health & Science University. Additionally, Apple says the ResearchKit framework has expanded since launch with new modules contributed by more than 50 researchers.

[Source: Apple]

Fallout 4 live-action trailer

Ready to explore the wasteland next month? Fallout 4 is due out on 10 November for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and yesterday Bethesda released a slick live-action trailer to pump up fans for the open-world release. Check it out, and then read our preview linked below.

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DJI factory footage found on drone

Well, this is pretty funny: a video recorded at DJI's factory wasn't wiped from an X5 drone camera before it shipped out, which resulted in buyer Erik Reed finding this odd footage on his new purchase. There's nothing particularly exciting about the clip, but it must have been a strange surprise. Hey, at least you know your drone and camera have been tested before you get it.

[Source: Motherboard via The Verge]