Fully Charged: RIP Google TV, the US Army's real-life Iron Man suit and how to draw your own musical instrument

After a moment's silence for the passing of Google TV, it's time for your morning roundup of the breaking tech stories - guaranteed to make your cornflakes even tastier

If you’ve ever wanted to draw your own musical instrument and then be able to play it, MusicInk could be just the product for you. 

It uses conductive ink to create electronic circuits as you draw, and then talks to a smartphone app to trigger music as you play your creation. The kit is set to go on sale soon, and uses the ‘smart ink’ made by Bare Conductive (which makes lots and lots of other cool kit, like this) to create instruments so wacky it’s just a matter of time before Radiohead record an album using them. [Source MusicInk via Make Magazine]  

Google TV Is Dead - Long Live Android TV

Google TV - bye!

Google TV is dead - but Android TV is set to rise phoenix-like from its ashes, according to insiders. As Apple and Amazon put their final touches to their TV products, Google has finally decided to abandon the Google TV plans, and give itself a fresh start with the launch of Android TV. It comes just weeks after the launch of Chromecast, Google’s TV dongle, which conspicuously left out the branding. An executive from a consumer electronics manufacturer that has been producing Google TV devices confirmed the rebranding in a recent conversation with GigaOM, saying: ‘They are calling it ‘Android TV’ - so get ready for Jelly Bean to make an appearance on a TV near you soon. Sony seems to have confirmed the switch, calling its latest not-Google TV product Bravia TV to avoid any complications. [Source: GigaOm

The Real-Life Iron Man Suit

The US army is moving a step closer to creating a real-life iron man suit with its latest project. It has commissioned a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, snappily called TALOS, which would provide the wearer with superhuman abilities like night vision, enhanced strength, and protection from gunfire. Astonishingly, it’s not science fiction, and the suit will be made from a radical self-healing metal being developed by boffins at MIT. The initial demonstration goal is to identify technologies that could be integrated into an initial capability within a year, the US Army says. A second goal is to determine if fielding the TALOS within three years is feasible - so watch out. [Source: US Army / MIT

On The Buses, Silicon Valley Style

Being stuck on a bus for three days is most people’s nightmare, but for a group of Silicon Valley’s up and coming entrepreneurs, it’s led to a raft of new firms, and even a TV show.

The Startup Bus, founded by Elias Bizannes, has spawned trips across the US, Europe and is now heading for Africa - as well as spawning a web TV show so you can see exactly how the next big thing is created. [Source: StartupBus]