Fully Charged: Oppo R1 lands in China, new HP tablet rumours, PS4 beats Xbox One...on eBay

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Oppo R1

Classy mid-range Android

Oppo's latest R1 has some decent specs in a very pretty 5-inch chassis. Its metal frame has a gold-effect finish though its camera might appeal more, with a rare 5MP front-facing camera and a decent 8MP f/2.0 back camera.

As to internals, Oppo's given the R1 a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor, 16GB internal storage (no microSD though) and a 720p display resolution.

No word as to if the R1 will only be a China-exclusive but we can confirm the price: ¥2,498 (RM1,355).

[Source: Engadget]

A possible HP smartphone return?

Rumours are that HP is possibly rejoining the smartphone fray by releasing telephony-capable tablets, similar to Asus Fonepads. The tablets, according to The Information, are 6-7 inches in size and targetted towards developing markets.

It is interesting that HP is trying to join the mega tablet phone space, which is a bit of a niche notwithstanding the success of phablets like the Galaxy Note series. As HP is not actively denying the news, we'll take that as a near possibility this is happening.[Source:Engadget]

PS4 wins the eBay console fight

Well it seems Sony wins the console wars where eBay is concerned: ArsTechnica reports that the Playstation 4 outsells the Xbox One by a margin of nearly 2 PS4s to each Xbox!

But that is not the whole story here. While it is comparatively easy to find an Xbox One in stock, Playstation 4s have been difficult to get unless you preordered. eBay seems to be the easiest route for those desperate to get their hands on Sony's latest next-gen console.

The moral of the story is that if you really want that console, preorders are your friends. Else, you'll be at the mercy of eBay scalpers.

[Source: ArsTechnica]