Fully Charged: Netflix trying to lock up Black Mirror, plus Google's first Apple Watch app

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Netflix to snap up Black Mirror?

Channel 4's oft-tense and surreal Black Mirror has seen a much wider audience in recent months since hitting Netflix in the States, and although it's been confirmed that the show is coming back for a third season, it might not be at its original home.

In fact, it might become a Netflix Original, if a report from RadioTimes pans out. The site claims that Netflix is trying to woo creator Charlie Brooker to have future episodes run exclusively on the streaming service, although Channel 4 is apparently still hoping to retain the show, and some U.S. networks may be pursuing as well. Might we see some sort of dystopian commentary on big corporate media companies as a result? We can only hope.

[Source: RadioTimes via SlashGear]

Google's first Apple Watch app

Google was curiously missing from the Apple Watch launch - this is a company that profits from all platforms, not just its own, after all. But now that's been rectified with the addition of Watch app support for Google News & Weather.

Granted, we can think of more vital apps to bring Watch app support to - like Maps and Gmail, for starters - but at least now we know that Google isn't totally ignoring Apple's wearable. More to come soon? We hope so.

[Source: iTunes]

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Devil May Cry 4 remaster out next month

Did the remastered edition of DmC: Devil May Cry not satisfy your insane action gaming needs this spring? Well, Capcom's Devil May Cry 4 - the last pre-reboot entry, released in 2008 - will have its own Special Edition released on 23 June.

It's a digital-only release priced at £20 (RM115) for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and it bundles together the main game with the add-on content, all while delivering higher-resolution textures and 1080p resolution. While not considered one of the series' best entries, it's an entertaining hack-and-slash affair and a chance for newer fans to try an older release on current hardware.

The solar-powered desalination machine

Brackish water can be a problem for both consumption and cooking, thanks to the excess of salt, but there's a new way to purify the water and get it ready to use: a solar-powered desalination machine that's easily transported between locations.

Designed by a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the machine is the first to be fully solar and reasonably portable, making it possible to get desalinated water even in areas where electricity isn't consistently available. The machine earned a US$140,000 (about RM503,000) "Desal Prize" in the States last month, beating out 68 other teams' ideas, and it should prove hugely useful in developing countries.

[Source: Washington Post]